The Family in David Lambert's Album

  Household: 1881 Census

Census Place: 11 Rodway Street, Birmingham, England

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 David LAMBERT   Head   M   Male   62   Deighton, York, England   General Carpenter    
 Maria LAMBERT   Wife   M   Female   59   Arnold, Nottingham, England       
 Charles LAMBERT   Son   U   Male   24   West Hartlepool, Durham, England   Pen Tool Maker    
 William G. LAMBERT   Son   U   Male   17   Aston, Warwick, England   Inkstand Maker    
 David LAMBERT   Head   M   Male   28   Deighton, York, England   Button Tool Maker    
 Ellen E. LAMBERT   Wife   M   Female   27   Birmingham, Warwick, England       
 Ellen E. LAMBERT   Daur      Female   6   Birmingham, Warwick, England   Scholar    
 Anna LAMBERT   Daur      Female   5   Birmingham, Warwick, England   Scholar    
 Rosana LAMBERT   Daur      Female   4   Birmingham, Warwick, England       

Further search shows that David and Maria Lambert (assume father and mother of the David Lambert, the owner of the album - in green above) had other children, being brothers and sisters of David Jnr.

Ann Lambert: Born 11 August 1850 - died 6 July 1907.
Charles John Lambert: Born 6th February 1854, Birmingham - died 1st December 1855.
Maria Lambert: Born 28th November 1856, Birmingham - died 7th September 1874.
Mary Hand Lambert: Born 7th July 1861, Birmingham - died 23 August 1877. (see also gravestone photograph)

David Lambert also had an Uncle and Aunt: Mr. Charles Lambert (born Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire August 30, 1816) and Mrs. M. A. Lambert, who had their photo taken in Manchester in 1882 - he was the Mormon elder of Nauvoo and a president of the 23rd quorum - Charles Lambert His Life Story.
Geof Lambert aged about 40 in about 1884, perhaps of Blackpool.

David Lambert the owner (in green above) of the album was born 26th April 1853.

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