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Victorian Photographs - Carte-de-visite

Ref: List 138

(written on card) [my notes]


Cabinet Cards Coupe & Bennett, 16 & 17 Bedford St. Plymouth. [UK] [Young couple just married. c.1896
front------plain back
W.S.Wyles, Reading. [UK] [Young lady, rustic props. c.1906]
front------plain back
Walton Adams, Blagrave St. Reading. [UK] [Young lady in stripped dress and bitten fingernails!]
front------plain back
J.C.Gray, 512 Harrow Rd, Paddington. W. [two ladies and their sons? c.1903]
Tasma, Woolwich. [London, UK]. [Young lady in large hat and holding umbrella. c.1903]
front------plain back

Carte de visite

T.Protheroe, 35 & 36 Wine Street, Bristol. [UK] [Oval of young lady c.1889]
front------plain back
Willian & Garnett, Victoria Buildings, Morecome. [UK] (Grandpa) [Gent with royal beard and check jacket. c.1900]
front------plain back
C.De Trez & Cie, Rue du Vallon Vert 28, Anvers. [Belgium] [Parents and small boy. c.1883]
J.Bickerstaff, 25A Lord St., Southport and Milkstone Road, Rochdale. [Lady c.1890]
R.Burnicle, 33 Commercial St. Newport, Mon. [Monmouthshire, UK] [ Young lady. early 20th century]
front------plain back

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