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Ref: List 136

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20th Century Photographs


Jerome, branches everywhere. [Seated lady with small boy - postcard] ( dated 3.Oct 1930)
small------double size
Anon. [School photograph postcard, 1930s, 32 children two teachers - St M1 - 1st form of St Marys?] ( in pencil 'D.Cooke')
small------double size
Anon. [29 soldiers WW1 postcard. 8 drums for the front row plus symbols and all the rest have clarinets in their pockets]
small------double size
Anon. Young lady, 1920s postcard]
small------double size
Velox paper, [WW2 young lady in her uniform in a garden (8 x 5.5 cm) ]
small------double size
Anon [unreadable signature. Young lady 1940s in her uniform - carefully tinted large photograph (19.5 x 14 cm cm) seems to say 'Mary Island' on the back]
small------double size
Sally Loveday, Netley House, Merchants Road, Clifton, Bristol. No. 130B. [Unnamed 1930s lady, nice lace. (24.5 x 19.5cm) ]
small------double size
Charles Fry, 34 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol 8. [WW2. wedding group, nice image. (20 x 15 cm) Bristol?]
small------double size
Charles Fry, 34 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol 8. [WW2. Bride and groom. (20 x 15 cm) ]
small------double size

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